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We started building custom creations for our customers over a decade ago. We have built lights from axles from antique automobiles to a seven foot branch of a cedar tree for over a center island.  These custom creations provide a lot of character to a design. We can literally make a light from anything so test us with your best shot!  Our team of artists and designers are truly talented and love challenges. Give your family and friends something to talk about!

Unique & Innovative

  • Fashioned out of everyday items and brought to new life
  • One-of-a-kind designs
  • Includes all light bulbs and mounting devices, custom-made for each product
  • Choose your own finish colors
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Interactive Designs

  • Our art has been described as functional and interactive
  • Allows for a hands-on experience of your commissioned work
  • Color changing lights with our LED systems
  • Features a myriad of color switching options
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In-House Workshop

  • Come see your fixtures as they are built and learn about the process
  • Large selection of parts available on-site
  • Our seasoned and certified technicians are available for you to discuss your project with
  • See what goes into your custom Steampunk creation
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Visit our online Store

In addition to our commissioned work, we also have an online store full of signature Steampunk lighting fixtures!