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At Accent Lighting Designs, we put the correct color temperatures to augment any room providing the necessary colors the architect and homeowner intended.  Gallery lighting is no different for the walls and emotions it invokes but the art itself must be lighted to provide the color correctness of the piece. Staying true to the artist's intent is essential in lighting valuable art and art spaces. We have found that the proper track lighting not only complements the use of varying color hues placed on the art but confines it to the immediate space required. The light bulb is the most critical component to creating the best atmosphere for these projects.

Large Home Lighting

  • We provide lighting designs for today's large homes and their homeowners
  • We provide the necessary safety lighting, wall washing, task lighting and the ever important accent lighting
  • Combining all four techniques above is quintessential to creating the perfect home environment

Kitchen Lighting

  • The most important lighting in one's home is in the kitchen
  • The proper task lighting also provides the necessary safety lighting required
  • Kitchens function 12 to 16 hours a day and need two or three varying lighting choices for all times of day or night

Dimmer Location and Usage

  • Lighting switching is paramount to the overall design
  • Dimmers should be available when one enters and exits a room as well as in task-oriented areas
  • The best lighting uses dimmers to control brightness to foster a warm, relaxing atmosphere

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