Accent Lighting Designs started out illuminating landscapes and public spaces. As time passed we were drawn into lighting residences and commercial spaces. What we did when we started was to hon our skills on accent lighting techniques and took that experience indoors with us. What this ended up creating were design award winners and a jump in our clientele who saw immediately that our designs stood out from all the rest.

We still love the outdoor lighting and we recognize it is an art form more than anything. We want to make these designs last more than a lifetime so our fixtures are commercially rated and can be rebuilt time and again, providing you with an investment that truly lasts as long as your home.


Facade Lighting

  • Facade lighting is a signature aspect of our services
  • Be it a private residence, or commercial property, facade lighting provides visual appeal
  • Utilizes and provides security lighting up close to the establishment in question
  • Highly rated amongst customers and clientele for it's dramatic effect

Landscape Lighting

  • Large or small spaces can be made beautiful and filled with color and accents
  • Extends the outdoors into the home or commercial space
  • Provides an unsurpassed romantic atmosphere
  • Ask about our $140 installed price complete with fixture, lamp and installation

Monuments, Statues & Fountains

  • Provides the perfect nighttime lighting for the enjoyment of outdoor art
  • Available in warm or colored lighting
  • Provides drama to water features, and depth and scope to these artistic creations
  • Visit our gallery to see what can be done with these special features
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